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Bark Beetle Spraying

What are bark beetles?

Bark beetles are small (1/8-1/4” long), black or red beetles that complete a majority of their life cycle burrowing through the inner bark of pine and spruce trees. In our Front Range urban landscapes, there are two types of bark beetles that are of primary concern, Ips beetle (Ips spp.) and Mountain Pine Beetle (MPB, Dendroctonus ponderosae). Both of these insects can cause significant damage or death to the pine and spruce trees they infest. Here at Patriot Tree Company, our Certified Arborists know bark beetles. We also have the right equipment, licensing, and expertise to keep your valuable pine and spruce trees protected for years to come.

What types of trees are attacked?

Bark Beetle HoleWhat we have seen so far with MPB moving down into urban areas is that the beetle will attack ponderosa, lodgepole, and pinyon pine. The most affected species appear to be Scots pine. We have yet to see it attack Austrian pine and at this time do not spray Austrian pine for MPB. There is a species of Ips beetle (Ips pini) that will attack stressed Austrian pine, as well as many other species of pine and spruce. When coming up with a plan to protect your pine and spruce, it is important to know which type of bark beetles could be attacking your trees. The best way to determine which species of beetle you are dealing with is to accurately determine which pine species you have on your property.

Why is this important?

It is because we time the application of the spray differently for Ips beetle and MPB. To be most effective, sprays must be applied during the time when adult beetles are flying around looking for new trees to infest (or a different spot in the same tree it came from). For Ips beetles, this can happen several times a year. For MPB, it happens once per year.

When does spraying happen?

Dead Scot's Pine from Mountain Pine BeetleDepending on the weather conditions of that year, Ips beetles can fly as early as March and as late as November. This is why we recommend two applications per year (spring and summer) when Ips beetle is the pest of primary concern. At this time, we only recommend one application per year to prevent MPB, and this is usually timed around the end of May. Information concerning MPB in urban Front Range communities is always changing as it was only first detected in Fort Collins in 2006 and Boulder in 2008. At Patriot Tree Company our recommendations concerning MPB and Ips beetles are always based on the latest research from CSU, other local colleges and universities, and observations made by our own arborists.    

How do we do it?

We use a high pressure spray rig to apply the insecticide permethrin (including a sticking agent) to the bark of your pine or spruce tree. Our system allows us to apply the product to the top portions of even the tallest pine and spruce trees, which is important when spraying for Ips beetle as they prefer the top portions of trees. Once the product is dry (1 hour after application), it is safe for people and animals to use the area again. Applications are generally effective for up to 2 months after spraying.

My tree is already infested. Will spraying cure my tree?

Dead Scot's Pine from Mountain Pine BeetleThe spray that we apply to the bark prevents bark beetles from entering your tree, but once inside, beetles are safe from any effects from an insecticide spray. Depending on the level of infestation, it may make sense to come up with a treatment program for it including a spraying and watering schedule. If the tree is past the point that we can recommend treatment options, removal and proper disposal of the wood is the responsible way to deal with the situation and prevent further spread of the insects through your neighborhood. Please GIVE US A CALL if you suspect your pine or spruce are showing signs of bark beetles!

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We challenge you to ask any other tree company if a school trained, licensed, and insured arborist is going to be performing the work on your property when you talk to one of their salesman. With us you don’t get a salesman, you get a licensed and experienced arborist. During the estimate or initial consultation, what we discuss is exactly what will happen on your property. Our goal is to provide exceptional service.  From the first contact to the final cleanup, we strive to meet and exceed all of your expectations.


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