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Pruning is one of the most important and overlooked part of tree care, and unfortunately it is also the thing that is most frequently done wrong.

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Tree Pruining

Pruning Services:

Pruning is one of the most important and overlooked part of tree care, and unfortunately it is also the thing that is most frequently done wrong. Pruning promotes health of a tree and vigorous growth by removing dead and diseased limbs, thinning crowded areas, removing crossing and interfering limbs, and promoting a strong, healthy, and natural tree structure.

At patriot tree company we specialize in natural pruning methods. Our goal is not to make your tree look pruned but to simply make it look perfect. I prune according to the latest standards put out by the International Society of Arboriculture and ANSI.

Pruning is a very important part of tree care and all too often trees get butchered by inexperienced, un-educated, and unprofessional arborists. Every tree takes careful consideration concerning which limbs to remove. I combine knowledge of different tree species as well as pruning practices common to all species to make sure that I can come up with a result that not only satisfies exactly what the customer wants but is also healthiest for the tree.

Pruning Services OfferedTree Pruning

Here are some of the basic pruning services I offer, though keep in mind every job is custom and most likely will incorporate more than one of these services:

Pruning of young trees

It is very important to start pruning trees when they are young. This helps to form the tree into a strong structural shape as well as promote vigorous growth. When I prune young trees I “train” the tree to grow perfectly according to the natural shape of the species. I also plan for the future by selecting branches to be removed that will cause future clearance issues such as with sidewalks or over roofs. If trees are not pruned, or incorrectly pruned when they are young they are much more likely to become hazardous in the future and require removal. Depending on the species and amount of work needed young trees should be pruned every one to three years until they reach maturity.

Hazard Pruning

If you are lucky enough to have a large mature tree in your yard you will Hazard Pruningoccasionally need to have the tree “deadwooded.” This consists of removing any dead limbs or parts of limbs in the tree. Dead branches in trees can cause hazards because they are not strongly attached and can fall at any time. I can safely remove all of the deadwood in your mature tree making sure that you will have a safe and beautiful tree to enjoy for many years to come. Mature trees should be deadwooded every 2-5 years depending on the species and health of the tree.

Crown reduction

Tree Topping
Tree Topping

Crown Reduction
Crown Reduction

If your tree is simply too large for the area it inhabits, the proper way to reduce it in size is a crown reduction. I use practices outlined by both the International Society of Arboriculture and ANSI to properly reduce the size of the crown without doing anything to hurt the tree or speed up it’s decline. I want to be very clear that I do not “top” trees. Topping is a process that unfortunately is still used today. It basically consists of cutting branches back to a specified length without taking into account the natural way a tree grows. This process causes trees to grow in unnatural ways and eventually causes the tree to die. Keep in mind that some trees can easily last hundreds of years. For most of the life of a tree it will be at it’s mature size. If you allow a tree company to top your tree you are killing a beautiful and valuable piece of your property for many generations to come. Crown reduction takes skill and education to do properly. I will work with each individual customer to come up with a solution that meets your needs, as well as the needs of the tree.


In Colorado we have two environmental factors that put the trees in your yard at risk: high winds and large amounts of Tree Thinningsnowfall. Thinning can help to mitigate both of these risks. I can selectively remove branches to help allow wind to pass through the tree without causing any damage or causing the tree to fail. I also can lighten the weight of a snow load on a branch to reduce the risk of it breaking during a storm. Thinning, when properly done, also promotes healthy and vigorous growth which is very important for trees that haven’t yet reached maturity. It is very important to not over-thin a tree. This is another reason why it is crucial to hire a true professional. If a tree is over-thinned it may promote extremely aggressive growth, essentially turning your tree into a large bush. It also could send the tree into decline and you will slowly watch your tree die over the period of a few years. I take careful consideration when thinning a tree. I take into account the species, age, size, as well as seasonal and environmental factors when I thin your tree to insure that everything is done to promote healthy growth and prevent future damage.

Roof, street, and sidewalk clearance

If you have limbs scratching on your roof or windows, or people are ducking under your trees on your sidewalk it is time to call a tree care professional . When I clear your roof or sidewalk I use techniques that will Tree on Housecreate a long lasting solution without making your tree look unshapely or ugly. I also use clean and proper pruning techniques to make sure that I do not do any extra damage to a tree during pruning. If you are having roofers or painters come in, please don’t let them clear the trees themselves. In the long run you will end up saving time, hassle, and money by hiring a professional. I am always willing to expedite services if you are working on a deadline, so feel free to call me and let me know you need quick service.

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We challenge you to ask any other tree company if a school trained, licensed, and insured arborist is going to be performing the work on your property when you talk to one of their salesman. With us you don’t get a salesman, you get a licensed and experienced arborist. During the estimate or initial consultation, what we discuss is exactly what will happen on your property. Our goal is to provide exceptional service.  From the first contact to the final cleanup, we strive to meet and exceed all of your expectations.


So please browse our website and call us at 720-295-8733 for any of your tree care needs.

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