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Stump Grinding Boulder

What is stump Grinding?

The best way to remove a stump is to grind it out, stump grinders use a large spinning wheel with hard sharp teeth that pulverize the stump into mulch while they rotate, examples of stump grinder teeth can be seen below. While the wheel spins it has these carbide teeth in different positions on the wheel's surface that cut the coresponding stump at their point of contact, the stump grinder then sweeps from one direction to the other and the teeth continuously cut as the wheel moves. Here's a short video showing what I've just described

Front Range Stump Grinding Services

Patriot Tree Company is a locally owned and operated company that is committed to giving the highest quality tree services and stump removal at an affordable price. Whether it is stump removal or stump grinding, Patriot Tree Company is the right choice. Our commitment to excellence in both quality of work and customer satisfaction means you can be sure you are hiring the right stump removal and grinding service for the job.

Complete Deep Grinding

Whether we are removing your tree or it is has already been cut down Patriot Tree Company is the right place to call if you need a stump removed. We have Three different types of stump grinders and can access ANY stump. When we remove a stump we do it properly by grinding it 8-10” underground and we can upon request grind the surface roots. Don’t be fooled by someone with ridiculously low prices who will only grind the stump two inches under the ground, depending on the tree it may start to respout if the stump isn't ground low enough.

Pricing Structure

Every stump is a little different and prices do vary, its important to remember that if you double the diameter of the stump there is 4X the wood, so they do get more expensive the larger they are, but we can handle any stump big or small. Call 720-263-7424 for a free quote.

Our Stump Grinders

Currently we have 3 different Stump grinder for the varying size stumps we encounter on a daily basis.

Carlton 2300-4, 36 HP stump Grinder.


Carlton 2300-4 stump Grinder

The carlton 2300-4 comes with a kohler 36HP gas motor rated at 61 Ft/Lb of torque. It's 35 inches wide so it can fit through a standard 36 in gate. The machine weighs 1,520 Pounds and is self propelled.

Alpine Magnum

Carlton 2300-4 stump Grinder

Our Alpine magnum is a portible stump grinder that can get stumps just about anywhere, It uses a Husqvarna 3120 XP powerhead rated at 8.31HP and 5.7 Ft/Lb of torque, with a weight of only 88 Lb its ideal for getting those hard to reach stumps.

Carlton 4400-4

Our Largest grinder is our Carlton 4400-4, with a 43 HP Duetz Diesel motor rated at 121 Ft/Lb of torque it can turn even the largest stumps to dust. This machine is 5 feet wide with removable outter wheels that can bring it down to 35 inches to fit through a standard 36 in gate. The 4400-4 is 3,500 Lb's of stump destroying machine.

Serving Boulder, Louisville CO, Lafayette, Superior, Broomfield, Erie, Arvada, Westminster, and Thornton CO, offering low prices and great service.

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