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Tree Fertilization Boulder

Tree and Shrub Fertilization in Colorado

Do your trees lack healthy, vigorous growth? Are the leaves on your maple or oak tree turning yellow and dropping prematurely? Would you like to give the trees and shrubs on your property the best chance to live and flourish in our tough Front Range climate? If you answered yes to any one of these questions, tree and shrub fertilization services from Patriot Tree Company may be just what you need to get your landscape plants on the right track this growing season.

Why do we need to fertilize trees and shrubs here on the Front Range?

Iron chlorosis on maple leaves The answer is in the soil. Urban landscapes are kept clean with leaves and branches being removed every spring and fall. In a forest setting this “leaf litter” provides a source of nutrients to be released back into the soil, without it, soils can become depleted quickly. Also, high pH levels in our soils result in many of the naturally occurring nutrients being unavailable to plant roots. A common condition for maples and oaks in our area is called iron chlorosis, and results from iron in the soil being unavailable which turns leaves yellow prematurely. If you suspect your tree is becoming chlorotic, call us! The earlier the condition is treated, the better the chance we have to bring your tree back to full health.

How do we do it?

At Patriot Tree Company, we use a high pressure injecIron Chlorosis on oak leavestion system to deliver fertilizer directly to where tree roots are located in the soil profile. This method of application achieves three important objectives: 1) Deliver essential “ready-to-go” nutrients to tree roots; 2) Hydrate the soil with the water that carries the fertilizer; and 3) Break up soil compaction due to foot and vehicle traffic. It is important to remember that trees will uptake nutrients most effectively when they are properly watered. During periods of drought, it may be necessary to water the tree a week or two before fertilization takes place.  

Do all trees and shrubs need to be fertilized?

Maple Chlorosis from a distance

Not necessarily. Certain species of trees tolerate our soils better than others and some trees may be located in an area with suitable soils. Some trees weakened by insects and diseases can benefit from a fertilization while in some cases fertilizing can mean feeding the very organisms that are harming your tree.

How do you know if your trees could benefit from fertilization services from Patriot Tree Company?

Give us a call! We would be happy to set up a FREE consultation with one of our ISA Certified Arborists. We can come up with a plan for improving the health of the trees on your property, utilizing all aspects of tree care and the most appropriate methods. We are a company of Arborists who truly care about the health of the environment, your landscape, and your family. We try to use the safest and most effective products and methods available today.          

Serving Boulder, Louisville CO, Lafayette, Superior, Broomfield, Erie, Arvada, Westminster, and Thornton CO, offering low prices and great service.

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