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Patriot Tree Company is a locally owned and operated company that is committed to giving the highest quality tree service and tree removal at an affordable price. Serving Boulder - Louisville - Lafayette


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At Patriot Tree Company...

  ...we take great pride in our equipment, we maintain it meticulously and have selected equipment that is known for reliability. Having this range of well-maintained equipment at our disposal means we can get your job done properly, affordably, and on schedule.

Crane Louisville colorado

Manitex Crane

   Our Crane is a 38 ton Manitex Super heavy lift with a 124 foot boom. The length of the boom enables us to pick large dangerous trees out of backyards with ease, with our counterweight system we can pick larger pieces from further away that other cranes with higher tonnage ratings. We use this crane exclusively for tree work so our crews and operators are experts at removing even the most difficult of trees as thats all that we do day in and day out.

International Chip Truck

Large Dump

Our largest dump truck is an international 4700 with a ton of capacity at a whopping 28 yards, we use this truck on our large removal jobs where we need to fit in alot of tree. This truck tows our largest chipper a Morbark 2400XL chich can chip a 24 inch log. This truck often accompanies our crane on large removal jobs.

Grapple Truck

Our Grapple truck has a large grapple with a telescoping boom. The truck can lift around 4,000 pounds in a single pick. The truck itself is rated to hold around 10,000 pounds of wood or debris. The truck can reach about 25 feet out to help pick up large wood. The truck is equiped with a large dump hoist to easily unload our haul from the day.


Dump Truck


Red Dump Truck

   Our Red dump truck is a Ford F-450 Super Duty with a 7.3 liter diesel engine. The Dump truck is used with our Medium Morbark wood chipper. The Dump truck can hold up to twelve yards of wood chips so even the brush from the largest trees will fit. It has an added custom headache rack to hold our equipment when we go out on tree removals. We built the headache rack and dump body right here in our shop.

planting Truck

Skid Truck

   Our Skid Truck is a modified 1999 Ford F-450 Super Duty with a 7.3 liter diesel engine. This is another truck we custom designed and built right in our garage. It allows us to efficiently haul our Mini skid steer to job sites. It also has a dump body to load mulch from stump grinding and topsoil for plantings.


  We have 2 of these machines, These little machines are like diesel powered swiss army knives. We have many Mini Skidattachments for them to help out with all sorts of different jobs. They're is also lightweight, fit through a 36” gate, and are equipped with turf friendly tracks. Whenever we are driving these over grass or walkways we  use alturnamats to protect the surface.

Medium Morbark Wood Chipper

   Our Medium Morbark wood chipper is a Morbark 2400 whole tree chipper; it is rated to chip logs up to 20” in diameter. The Morbark is so powerful we’ve been known to set entire trees in it to chip during crane removals.

Morbark Wood Chipper

Wood TrailerDump Trailer

   Our Wood trailer is large enough to hold 4 cord of firewood, it’s got a hydraulic dump body that allows it to lift anddump even the heaviest load of wood. We often bring it on tree removals to load up anything that we think would be good for firewood and bring it to our woodlot where it can be seasoned.


Blue Truck


Ford F350

The “Blue Truck” is 2008 Ford F-350 Super Duty with a 6.4 liter diesel engine. This is our newest and most reliable truck, it comes out on almost every job. The Blue truck has a utility body on it that allows us to store all of our equipment and lock it up so we can leave things on site when we do forestry work. The Blue truck has a 15,000 Lb winch on the front to pull trees over or drag logs out of the forest.


White Bucket Truck

Our White Bucket Truck is a 1999 GMC C7500 with a 7.2 liter Diesel engine. the truck has 60 feet of boom so it can reach high up into trees allowing us to safely and efficiently prune trees. The truck is equiped with a forestry dump body so it can also double as a chip truck. The truck holds around 10 yards of mulch. This truck is often paired with our 12 inch morbark wood chipper.

Blue Bucket Truck

Our Blue Bucket Truck is a 1998 F-800 with a 5.9 liter diesel engine. The Bucket truck is also a dump truck which holds up to 10 yards of mulch. The Bucket truck is used Bucket Truckwith our Vermeer wood chipper. The bucket truck has a working height with the boom fully extended of 65’. This truck allows us to properly and safely prune and remove even the most hazardous of trees when we have access.

PHC Truck (Plant Health Care)

Our PHC Truck is a GMC 3500 with a 7.4 Liter V8. The PHC truck holds our Spray rig which is used to water and fertilize trees. The Spray rig has a 300’ hose so we can reach even the hardest to get at trees. It holds over 200 gallons of water and has attachments for deep root watering as well as tree spraying.

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