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I can work directly with contractors to create and implement a plan that will save your tree and allow the other contractor to get the job done.


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Consulting Services Offered include:

Insect and disease diagnosis

Did you know trees can add up to 20% to your home’s value? If you have a nice tree that has a problem, it is best to act quickly to get it fixed. We can help diagnose a problem and come up with a plan to fix it. Problems include diseases caused by fungi and bacteria and damage caused by insects and mites. Other types of damage to trees can be caused by non-living factors such as the sun (sunscald), snow, and the wind. Properly diagnosing a problem is the first step in devising a treatment plan, and like humans, it is best to catch tree disease early. Give us a call at the first signs of a problem!

Tree Selection and Planting

If you are thinking about planting new trees on your property, it is best to consult with a Certified Arborist beforehand to make sure you are getting the right tree for the right place. Oftentimes, the wrong tree gets planted in the wrong place and it ends up needing to be removed long before it would have if it was a different species or was planted in a different spot. So if you are wondering about your selection, just ask us! We love making recommendations for low water use and/or native trees that you may not have thought of. We also offer a full range of planting services; give us a call for a consultation!

Tree risk assessment

As trees age, they can develop defects due to wood decay organisms, drought, and storms. Also, a condition called “included bark” can develop in branch crotches making them weak and prone to break. Defects like these can make a good tree unsafe if the tree is in a location where a branch failure would result in injury to a person or property damage. If you have a tree on your property that appears dangerous, give us a call! We can come up with a plan to remove the dangerous sections of tree (hazard pruning) or to lighten heavy branches (crown reduction). If a large branch has a significant amount of included bark, installing a support cable may be what is recommended to increase the safety of the tree.

Fire Mitigation

With the frequency and intensity of fires in the foothills of the Front Range and all over the west, it is now more important than ever to have a fire mitigation plan implemented for your mountain property. Please see our page on fire mitigation services for more information on how we can help make your property as safe and fire resistant as possible!

Construction projects

Damage we have seen from construction projects include:

  • Soil compaction from equipment traffic
  • Damaged roots from digging
  • Damaged bark and trunks from equipment
  • Cut or broken limbs
  • Heat scald from equipment
  • Chemical damage

Trees add a lot of value to your home and once a tree is established it is truly irreplaceable. Many of us here have experience in various construction trades and we know how contractors generally put little thought into protecting the trees. This is usually not due to the fact that they don’t care, but rather that they simply don’t know. We can work directly with contractors to create and implement a plan that will save your tree and allow the project contractor to get the job done.



We challenge you to ask any other tree company if a school trained, licensed, and insured arborist is going to be performing the work on your property when you talk to one of their salesman. With us you don’t get a salesman, you get a licensed and experienced arborist. During the estimate or initial consultation, what we discuss is exactly what will happen on your property. Our goal is to provide exceptional service.  From the first contact to the final cleanup, we strive to meet and exceed all of your expectations.


So please browse our website and call us at 720-295-8733 for any of your tree care needs.

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