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Did you know trees can add 20% to your homes value? If you have a nice tree that has a problem, it is best to act quick to get it fixed. I can help diagnose a problem and come up with a plan to fix it.

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Tree Planting Tree Planting in Louisville, Colorado

One of the most gratifying things we do at Patriot Tree Company is to plant new trees. We especially love to plant a new tree after a removal. When you hire us you get much more than just a tree planted in your yard. We give you a full consultation in which you can tell us what you're looking for in a tree. Characteristics such from size, shape, amount of shade, privacy, wind blocking, fall colors, and many more factors will be considered when we give you tree reccomendations. Tree Planting in Louisville, CO

After the consultation we will give you suggestions and help you choose the right species for your application. We then go to the nursery and and an ISA Certified Arborist will select the perfect tree. Keep in   mind nurseries have to sell all the trees they get, but not all of the trees they get are perfect. Many trees have preexisting problems already evident at the nursery, such as root rot, co-dominant stems, bark damage, fungus, pests, bacteria, or bad structure. We use our expertise as arborists to make sure the best tree is selected, if a nursery doesn’t have a Crane planting in Louisville, Coloradoperfect specimen, We will go somewhere else. Trees are often planted improperly which causes them to die. We plant all trees according to the standards put out by the International Society of Arboriculture.

No tree is too large to plant, with our 38 Ton Crane we can get even the largest tree. into your yard. Call today for a free quote.

Caring for your newly planted tree

Why to water:

Newly transplanted trees have lost most of their roots (up to 95%) during the transplanting process.  If the tree is not properly watered while it is establishing its new root system, it can be slow to establish, have canopy dieback, be prone sunscald, or completely die. In our semi-arid climate, trees can take up to 1 year to establish for each 1” of trunk diameter (i.e. 2” tree=2 years for establishment). After the tree is established, you will not have to water as often.  Generally, established trees only need to be watered once every month or two, if at all. Even trees known to be low water use species still need adequate water to get them established. 

How to water:

The best ways to water your newly planted tree include drip irrigation, a soaker hose, or simply hand watering with a garden hose.  It is important to rememberWatering a tree that newly transplanted trees establish quickest with light, frequent watering. For the first 3 months, use 3-5 gallons of water per inch of diameter during each watering, focusing a majority of the water directly at the root ball. For the following months until the tree is established, use 10 gallons of water per inch of diameter during each watering. If you are hand watering, time how long it takes to fill a gallon container with the water spigot turned half way on, then multiply the time by how many gallons you need.   

When to water:

During the growing season:

For the first 3 months after planting, water using your preferred method and the correct amount two to three times per week (or once daily if temps exceed 95°). For the following months, water the tree once every week or two depending on recent precipitation. It is IMPORTANT to regularly inspect the soil moisture content of both the root ball and back fill soil! Perform inspection by digging 4-6” into root ball soil and 8-12” into back fill soil (be careful not to damage any large roots). Take a small amount of soil and squeeze it between your fingers. If it crumbles and does not stick together, it needs water. If it water can be squeezed from it, it is over saturated and it should be left to drain further before any additional watering.

During winter:

Your new tree still needs to be watered during winter. Until the tree is established, follow the watering guidelines for the growing season, unless the daytime high temperature is below 40 or if there is snow on the ground. During these times, do not water the tree, but remember that 10 inches of snow is equivalent to 1 inch of rain. If we receive 20 or more inches of snow in a 30 day period, watering is not necessary. If the ground is completely frozen solid, then watering is not effective. During winter months, water during mid-day to allow water to soak in before any freezing happens.

Mulching, fertilization, and pruning of newly transplanted trees:Tree Planted in Lakewood, Colorado

Wood chip mulch is highly recommended for newly planted trees, and a mulch ring is included in all plantings we perform. Trees with a mulch ring can have up to 20% more early growth compared to trees without! Mulch rings protect trunks from weed eaters and lawnmowers by controlling grasses and weeds at the base of the tree, as well as conserve soil moisture and decrease soil compaction due to foot traffic. Maintain a 3-4” deep mulch ring around the tree, and never pile wood chips up against the trunk of the tree (invites wood decay organisms).



We challenge you to ask any other tree company if a school trained, licensed, and insured arborist is going to be performing the work on your property when you talk to one of their salesman. With us you don’t get a salesman, you get a licensed and experienced arborist. During the estimate or initial consultation, what we discuss is exactly what will happen on your property. Our goal is to provide exceptional service.  From the first contact to the final cleanup, we strive to meet and exceed all of your expectations.


So please browse our website and call us at 720-295-8733 for any of your tree care needs.

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